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Mendoza, Argentina


"Valle de Uco region is the land of the most refined and elegant malbecs in Argentina. This is one of our 'appellation' driven wines and through it, we at Bodegas y Vinedos Luminis are trying to capture what malbec from the Uco Valley is about: malbecs of deep purple color, lots of violets in the nose, and natural great acidity. Cristian Allamand, Bodegas Luminis’ viticultor, winemaker, and founder of the company, is one of the few winemakers in Argentina that spends more time working on the vineyards that originate their wines than at the winery making the wines. The concept of Estate and terroir driven wines in Argentina are completely new and very few wineries are truly making wines under this philosophy."


Wines in Our Portfolio

Valle de Uco Malbec - Altamira Malbec


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