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Giovanni began bottling his own Orvieto in 1982, and nearly forty years later, he still does everything he can to keep the dream of Orvieto alive. Year in and year out, he makes honest, classic wines with only fruit from his own vineyards. No shortcuts in his vineyards, no tricks in the cellar, just pure Orvieto terroir, the historic and famous one, in every bottle. Lest you think Orvieto is at best a simple wine, a recent tasting of mind-bending older vintages of his flagship Terre Vineate stretched back to the early 1990s, and the wines were strikingly beautiful, alive and fresher than many of their fancy Burgundian cousins of that time!


Wines in Our Portfolio

Terra Vineate Orvieto - Vignarco Ramato Pinot Grigio - Campo del Guardiano Orvieto


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