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Borgo Maragliano


The family winery of Borgo Maragliano goes all the way back to 1750…the date the Galliano family purchased the property from the Maragliano family (it seems somewhat conservative to preserve the original name of an estate for 250+ years doesn’t it?). Carlo is the current generation of Galliani, with his beautiful wife Silvia.  Young, vibrant – Carlo is as charming as his wines. He speaks passionately about the terroir, with its sea-blown influence and sandy, calcareous soils (so full of calcium that if the water softener stops working, all the faucets freeze up in a matter of two or three days!), of the local people and of his travels to spread the word about these beautiful wines.


Wines in Our Portfolio

Moscato - Francesco Galliano Blanc de Blancs - Brachetto


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