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The Tamellini family has been cultivating vineyards for four generations, but it is only in 1998 that the two brothers Gaetano and Pio Francesco decided to found their own winery. They wanted to create something different, more noble, a unique Soave on the market. Since then Gaetano takes care of the growth and production of the vineyards and Pio instead transforms the grapes in the prestigious wine Tamellini. The trust in a wine produced as it was done at the origins in Soave, has created the particularity of our company. The garganega, Soave’s vine, and the non-use of barriques or large barrels has characterized the particularity of their wine right from the start.


Wines in Our Portfolio

Soave DOC - Soave Classico Le Bine de Castiola - Metodo Classico Extra Brut


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