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Fattoria Ambra


The estate is named after the poem ‘Ambra’ by Lorenzo the Magnificent, which draws a word-picture of the locale.

​Fattoria Ambra is an estate of 20 hectares spread over four of the most important crus of Carmignano: the hills of Montalbiolo, Elzana, Santa Cristina in Pilli and Montefortini. Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Rigoli runs it, his family having owned it since the 19th century.

​Wine-making in the area goes back to antiquity but it was Beppe’s father who revived it on the estate and planted new vineyards. Unfortunately the wine was being sold in bulk at a loss, and his father was about to sell the property before he passed away in 1983. Beppe however was determined to try and make a go of it, and he bottled the first vintage, 1983, by hand. Beppe and his wife Susan are both trained agronomists, and Beppe is a consulting enologist as well. Today they are helped by Guido Cantini, Beppe’s nephew, and Fabio Marzotti, an agricultural technician and sommelier.

​Renowned since the 13th century for the quality of its wine, Carmignano is arguably one of the oldest protected appellations in the world, as Cosimo III de Medici established it by decree in 1716. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape was already being grown there, having been introduced by the Medici around 1700 if not before.


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Carmignano Santa Cristina in Pilli


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